Development Project Setting

General Setting

  1. Set Camera to Solid Color and background color to 0,0,0
  2. Set the position of Camera to 0,0,0
  3. Open Edit -> Project Setting -> Quality, subsequently check all Levels and close V Sync Count of each level.

General Settings

PC Standalone Setting

  1. Open File -> Build Settings -> Player Settings and then choose PC, Mac & Linux.

  2. Set Architecture to x86-64

  1. Open Other Setting and change API Compatibility level to .Net 2.0 in Optimization.

Note: Do not choose .Net 2.0 Subset.

PC Standalone Setting

Windows Store Setting

  1. Switch to Windows Store in Build Settings

    • Choose Universal 10 in SDK

    • Choose HoloLens in Target

    Note: Choose the proper device if your application is targeted to other platform.

    • Choose D3D in UWP Build Type

    • Making sure that you have `Unity C# Projects checked.

    • Click Build And Run

Windows Store Setting

  1. Open Other Setting and check Virtual Reality Supported
  2. Choose Windows Holographic

Windows Store Setting

  1. Check options in Capabilities in Publishing Settings according to your needs

Windows Store Setting