MeshExpert Live! is a real-time Mixed-Reality (MR) filming and show product developed by DataMesh. It is intensively designed on top of HoloLens, so that mixed-reality could be perceived by more people. Leveraging on our solution, HoloLens users can see amazing MR images, while those who do not wear HoloLens can also experience MR scenes through MeshExpert Live! in real-time. Meanwhile, the gap among different devices of sharing the same MR experiences can be well bridged by incorporating the collaboration feature offered by MeshExpert Live!, where you could easily interact with mixed realities via all sorts of VR/AR glasses and even mobiles and tablets, which creates various possibilities for immersive mixed-reality experiences.

Main Features

  • Real-time MR Show

    Our solution supports real-time casting of mixed-reality scenes. Through a set of equipment of paired HoloLens and MeshExpert Live!, you can immediately cast MR scenes to any screen such that those who do not wear HoloLens can also enjoy the fantastic MR show.

  • 4K MR Recording

    Besides real-time casting, you can record the show with MeshExpert Live! for a resolution up to 4K. Moving cameras is supported and by adding anti-shake tech, videos captured by moving camera will be ultra smooth.

  • Muti-Player & Multi-Device Collaboration

    Collaborations of teams across devices are made easy with MeshExpert Live!. Using our management portal, you can distribute apps and scenes to a bunch of HoloLens, which would automatically set them to synchronize with one another through MeshExpert Live! workstation. This, therefore, enables people to work at the very same scene, and seamlessly collaborate with each other, in situations like Training, Gaming, Design and Innovation, etc.. Meanwhile, the creative process can be captured and cast by MeshExpert Live!, where everything is vividly alive!

  • Cross-platform Support

    MeshExpert Live! is widely applicable as it offers a comprehensive cross-platform solution. No matter what devices you have: HoloLens, Surface, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc., you can have them connected to MeshExpert Live! so that they can share the same scenes of mixed reality.

  • Content Library & Distribution over Cloud

    Through the MeshExpert Cloud, your apps and creative contents can be easily managed, and distributed to multiple MeshExpert Live! deployments across regions. Thus ideas and innovations in your enterprise can flow fluently across offices and departments.

  • Multi-language Voice Interaction

    MeshExpert Live! adds multi-language voice recognition to HoloLens apps. You can customize your own voice commands to enable a more powerful and friendly human-machine interactions.

  • Social Networking and Sharing

    By connecting to our social cloud services, you can share your photos and videos of the captured mixed-reality shows to a wide range of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, etc., either to promote your brand or to amaze your friends.

  • Easy Management

    With our MeshExpert Center, you can easily manage your devices, your apps and the content you created. This is the one-stop solution for your best experience.

  • Developer Support

    With the aid of the free opensource METoolkit and SDKs, anyone who wants to create his/her apps can easily make it work and enjoy the powerful features of MeshExpert Live!. All developers can access our technical guidance materials, seek help from our forums, and gain our technical support.

Quick Installation

Install the RIG

It's recommended to use Rig kit offered by DataMesh to gain the best experience. The suite can be easily dissembled and assembled, but do make sure it is assembled correctly and firmly.

RIG kit offered by DataMesh is equipped with all necessary software in advance.

The assembly process of the Rig is demonstrated in the "Rig Assembly Diagram" and steps are as follows:

Rig Assembly Diagram

  1. Fix HoloLens on the dedicated Aluminum HoloLens Bracket.
  2. Add the Hotshoe Adapter to the HoloLens mount in Step 1 (to later in Step 5, connect the HoloLens mount to the camera).
  3. Connect the Camera to the Tripod.
  4. Fix the Hotshoe Fastener to the Camera.
  5. Finally, connect the HoloLens Mount and the Camera by connecting the Hotshoe Adapter and the Hotshoe Fastener.

Install the Workstation

It's recommended to use the workstation devices offered by DataMesh to have the best experience. The workstation offered by DataMesh is equipped with all necessary software in advance.

Steps to connect the Workstation with the Rig and a display are as follows (see Picture "Workstation Connection Diagram"):

Workstation Connection Diagram

  1. Connect the camera's HDMI Output Port to the Input Port of the capture card of the workstation, with a HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the Micro USB port of HoloLens to one of the USB3.0 port on the workstation with a Micro USB to USB cable. (This is for the convenience of USB debugging and charging of HoloLens, and thus is optional) .
  3. Connect the workstation to the LAN Port of the Wireless Router using a Lan cable.
  4. Use an HDMI to HDMI cable to attach the Output Port of the capture card of the workstation to an external display or any other campatible screens.
  5. Let the HoloLens join the local wireless network and make sure the HoloLens and the workstation are in the same vlan.

Add License

You need to make a subscription or add a license to activate full corresponding functionalities of MeshExpert Live! before use.

Note: if haven't installed the MeshExpert Live! software, please visit our Download Center to get the MeshExpert Installer and install it.

Once you have MeshExpert installed, you will have a shortcut "MeshExpert Center" on your Desktop and in the DataMesh folder at your Windows Start Menu. Double click to start the "MeshExpert Center" and you will get:

Sign In

You can now Sign In or Upload License to activate MeshExpert services. (Please make sure the MeshExpert Services are started. If not, you can see warnings on the Dashboard panel)

For Sign In, you need to have itnternet access. Also you need to create an online account at our Subscription Center and make a subscription or start a free-trail.

Trial Info

For Upload License, you need to contact us by email service@datamesh.com and get an offline license for use. You choose the Upload License option when:

  • you have no constant internet access from your workstation and got an offline license from us;
  • or you purchased an Enterprise edition other than the online subscription plan;
  • or you contacted us to get an customized solution for your enterprise.

As for more details usage about MeshExpert, please refer to User Guide for MeshExpert Live!

Upon finished, your email info and optional free trial info will be displayed on the upper banner.

Adding License

Also you can see your subscription or license information in the "Account" panel as demonstrated below, which reveals the detailed information about your licensing.

Account Info

Experience Mixed-Reality

Now everything is ready, you can begin enjoy the amazing mixed-reality shows with MeshExpert Live!

Note: If you use your own Rig and Workstation, please see our detailed configuration guide to make sure all the necessary configurations are correct.

Install and start our demo app Solar System Explorer in your HoloLens, and you shall see the whole solar system in front of your naked eyes, which is so vividly that you can almost touch it with your fingers.

Note: you can download the compiled SolarSystemExplorer package or the source code to compile at DataMesh OpenSource

Use your finger to tap a planet to zoom in, and you can observe it with great details.

Moreover, you can interact with virtual planets with simple gestures: rotate planets with horizontal drag and zoom planets in and out with vertical drag.

NOTE: MeshExpert-Live! makes it easy to install, manage, start and stop apps on HoloLens. For detailed instructions, please refer to App Management in User Guide.

For Recording and simple Collaboration, start the "SolarSystemExplorer.exe" on your PC workstation.

A preview window of the camera is on the right upper corner. You can preview the Mixed-Reality shooting at real-time.

The control buttons are at the downer bar. You can take high-quality photos of the MR scenes. You can also record the whole scenes as videos with a resolution up to 4K. The recordings will be stored under "C:\HologramCapture". Other options are for you to explore.

There are also a vertical and a horizontal zoom-in and zoom-out bars for you to control your scenes.

When you click "Start Follow", the scene on HoloLens and PC workstation (and other devices like a Surface if you have and configured to connect) will all be synchronized in real-time fashion, which enables multiple players to collaborate with multiple devices.