Welcome to the MeshExpert Live! documentation!

Wanna try MeshExpert Live! out? Check out the MeshExpert Live! Getting Started for a quick start!

Need more info about the MeshExpert Live! product? Here is the MeshExpert Live! Product Specifications.

If you are looking for a complete manual, refer to the MeshExpert Live! User Guide.

If you are interested in creating your own interactive mixed-reality Apps, please read the MeshExpert Live! Developer Guide . You are welcome to use the opensource METookit to enable quick app-creation and easy link to the rich features of MeshExpert Live!. For a detailed guidance of METoolkit, refer to the METoolkit Developer Manual.

For a lower-level connector SDK for the Workstation, refer to MEHoloSDK Docs. And for trouble shooting, please refer to the Trouble Shooting guide.

For Version information, please see our release notes.

For previous versions and corresponding documentations, refer to Release History

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