METoolkit Overview

METoolkit is an ME-DataMix (MeshExpert: DataMix - MR Data Integration Platform) client development toolkit that provides a wide range of functional modules and SDKs to help developers develop AR apps based on HoloLens and ME-HoloServer.

METoolkit is also a development engine based on Unity 3D platform. Relying on powerful features of Unity3D, METoolkit is able to run on different devices and platforms, such as HoloLens, Surface, iOS, Android, and PC.

Note: Platform related features, such as spatial anchors, gesture recognition, may not be available on some platforms. Please read the METoolkit Features for details.

METoolkit Features

  • MEHoloSDK: providing a set of APIs used to work with ME-HoloServer, check out MEHoloSDK documentation.

  • ARModule: a collection of functional modules for AR development, including:

  • MultiInput: Giving you the ability to not only use keyboard, mouse and touch screen as input device, but also take advantages of spatial gesture recognition.

  • Speech: Speech perception. (HoloLens only)

  • UI: Indicating 3 part: cursor, menu, and List.

    • Cursor: showing the cursor in AR/VR application.
    • Block Menu: build a metro style Menu Control that provides a set of useful methods.
    • Block List: Build a metro style List Control with functions such as page up, page down, click, and so on.
  • Anchor´╝ÜSpatial positioning module that can be used to set up one or more spatial anchors and sharing these location information using ME-HoloServer. It will work on HoloLens, and can simulate anchor on PC.

  • Capture&Share: Taking a picture or recording a video, which can be shared via ME-HoloServer. (HoloLens only)

  • Collaboration: Sending/receiving messages via ME-HoloServer.

    Note: Basically, you will create and initialize what are called Rooms in which user can collaborate with others.

  • Library: Make specific asset by Unity, upload by Website, and download from Cloud in Runtime.

  • Live!: Providing a control panel and relevant functions so that you can easily migrate other AR application to Live!.

  • Utility: Providing a set of utilities, such as Configuration file.

METoolkit Structure

METoolkit Structure

METoolkit Manual

MEHoloSDK Docs

METoolkit Reference

  • DataMesh.AR
  • MEHoloEntrance
  • DataMesh.AR.Anchor
  • SceneAnchorController
  • AnchorDefinition
  • DataMesh.AR.Interactive
  • MultiInputManager
  • XBoxControllerInputManager
  • SpeechManager
  • DataMesh.AR.UI
  • UIManager
  • BlockMenuManager
    • BlockMenu
  • BlockListManager
    • BlockList
    • BlockListData
  • CursorController
  • DataMesh.AR.Network
  • CollaborationManager
  • DataMesh.AR.MRC
  • MixedRealityCapture
  • PhotoCapture
  • VideoCapture
  • DataMesh.AR.spectatorView
  • LiveController
  • ILiveListener
  • IRecordNamerGenerator
  • DataMesh.AR.Log
  • LogManager
  • DataMesh.AR.Utility
  • AppConfig
  • TimeManager